Matcha is a type of tea in Japan that is made of green tea leaves. The green tea leaves are grinded into fine powder which is the base of the tea. Different grades of powder exist in order to make the right Matcha for the specific occasion. Higher grade of Matcha is made for the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Here, the method of making, way of serving and manner of drinking are all important.

In sushi restaurants there also often found a small bowl on the table with Matcha powder. Mix it with hot water and stir it a bit to make your own Matcha tea. Family restaurants and food courts in Japan have a machine that supplies ready to drink Matcha tea for free. Both hot and cold are normally offered. Drinking it cold is actually very common, as it sold in bottles at all the vending machines and super markets.

Even though being a bit bitter, Matcha is a popular taste in Japan with many different types of sweets having the same taste as well. There is even a Matcha flavoured KitKat available in Japan.