Mihama Circuit

South of Nagoya is a peninsula called Chita which is popular for day trips for people living in Aichi prefecture. A large variety of leisure activities are possible including motorsports. Besides a karting circuit, there is also a small circuit called Mihama Circuit on which cars and bikes can enjoy driving. The circuit first opened in 2005, and has been hosting events and competition series ever since.

It is a very compact circuit with the option to have several layouts. See the pictures below for more details about each course layout.

1. Full course

2. North course

3. South course

The regular schedule provides opportunity for free driving for cars and bikes, depending on the day. From 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00 (17:00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday) there is the free practice scheduled for either cars or bikes. During lunch and afternoon hours (evenings on Friday, Saturday, Sunday) there are scheduled slots for rental carts. For the rental carts there is a detailed license system and there are a lot of packages for renting, so visit the website for more details. Actually, the website of Mihama Circuit has a lot of details and explanations on most relevant circuit driving topics.

In addition to the regular free driving, there are a lot of events being organised so keep out an eye on the schedule. Especially a lot gymkhana events are taking place. The price is depending on the event but for the free driving there are usually 20 minute time slots. You can buy a single ticket or buy tickets per 3. As a member you can get discount, but a yearly membership costs 10000 Yen. If you plan to run a lot or come regularly, it is certainly worth considering becoming a member.

Facility wise, there is a large clubhouse with restaurant, terrace overlooking the circuit and locker and shower rooms. For the driving people, there is also a paddock guest house. The garage holds the rental carts and rental Nissan Silvia S14 which you can use for free practice. The parking is big enough for more than 160 cars. Usually access is free, so even as a spectator you can enjoy watching some circuit action for free. However, on special events or busy days, an admission might be requested.

The location of Mihama Circuit is around 1 hour by car via the highway from Nagoya city center. Another big city, for example Toyota-shi, is around 1 and half hour by car if you are not using any highway. By public transport it is approximately 1 and a half hour from Nagoya station. 1 hour by train to Noma station, and then a 25 minute walk to the circuit. If you come just as an spectator, also try to enjoy some other activities in Chita peninsula such as fruit picking, beaches and water sports.

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