Suzuka Twin Circuit

Suzuka Twin Circuit, not to be confused with the actual Suzuka Circuit, is a medium sized circuit focusing on people to enjoy grip driving and drifting. Although the two circuits are close to each other they are not related. Suzuka Twin Circuit was established in 2005. There are 3 main layouts of the circuit.

The Full Course is 1750 meter long with the main straight being 550 meter long. There are no elevation changes in the circuit. The circuit is usually split in two courses, the D-Course and G-Course, hence the name.

The D-Course is for drifting purposes. With a length of 820 meter and different corner radius it suitable for both beginner and advanced drivers. It can be driven clockwise and anti-clockwise. It is possible to go and drive without being member, but being member gives a discount. The pricing strategy is rather complicated so please see the below link:

The G-Course is for the people that would like to enjoy grip driving. It is a technical circuit with 9 different types of corners. The total length of the circuit is 960 meter with a straight of 280 meter. The pricing for driving a session or more can be found on the pricing link as posted above. A session is 50 minutes of driving.

The circuit is occasionally hosting official drifting events but also durability races, cycling races and model specific races. The circuit a significant pit area and even a control tower that oversees the complete circuit.  An admission fee of 500 Yen is required to enter the premises.

The location is approximately 10 minutes driving from the big Suzuka Circuit and thus 1 and half hour from Nagoya. The closest train station, Ise-Ueno, is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes walking. Almost next to Suzuka Twin Circuit, there is also a mini circuit for carting and minibikes, called Suzuka Motorland.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Suzuka Twin Circuit Google Maps link