Nakayama Circuit

In the east of Okayama prefecture there are two big circuits, Okayama International Circuit and the here described Nakayama Circuit. Nakayama Circuit was opened in 1971 and is one of the oldest circuits in Japan. Originally it had a length of 1550 meter but in 1989 it was refurbished and the length of the circuit increased to 2007 meter. The current course has around 25 meters height difference between the highest and lowest point.

In the schedule there are days planned for free driving with your own car. It is a requirement however to have a circuit license and the course fee for this is 36000 Yen. Membership to the circuit for one year is included in this. Driving on the circuit for 1 hour costs 7000 Yen for members and 11000 for non-members. Every additional 30 minutes of driving will cost an additional 3500 or 7000 Yen for members and non-members respectively.

For access to the facility there is a fee of 500 yen on weekdays and Saturday. For Sunday’s and public holidays the entrance price is between 1000 to 2000 Yen.

Besides the road course circuit, there is a carting circuit as well with a length of 740 meter. The location of the facility is close to Okayama city. From the centre of the city it takes around 40 minutes by car via the highway. The closest station, Wake Station, is around 4 kilometres and 45 minutes walking away.

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