The biggest circuit on Kyushu goes under the name of Autopolis. Established in 1990, the aim of the circuit was similar to that of Okayama International Circuit; to hold a Formula 1 race. It was planned to hold the 1993 Asia Grand Prix but this unfortunately did not happen as the circuit went bankrupt in 1992. New owners came and went and from 1999 the first official races started to take place again. Until today a lot of events are being held including free driving with your own car.

Basically the circuit complex consists of the official racing circuit, a smaller circuit called the “Lakeside course” and gymkhana ground. The racing circuit has a length of 4674 meters with 18 corners. It is a very high speed course, with the current lap record standing at 1 minute and 25 seconds. The maximum altitude difference on the circuit is more than 50 meter.

The Lakeside course is on the inside of the racing circuit and as can be guessed from the name, goes around a lake. With a length of 1761 meter it is still a quite long circuit. Although no long straight, it is still a high speed circuit with long large radius curves.

The gymkhana ground is in the Northwest area of the circuit. Used for mainly for gymkhana and drifting, it was unfortunately closed as of March 2019.

For free driving on either of the circuits there are usually events being held of which the pricing and timing varies. It best to check the website of which a link is provided below. A license is required for free driving on the circuit. The license is a common license between SPA Naoiri (which has the same owner), Okayama International Circuit and Autopolis. The membership also comes with additional benefits such as free entrance to the facility which normally costs 500 Yen. This benefit can also be had if you apply for an Autopolis Nicos Visa card, securing a fan membership.

The location of Autopolis is on the border between Kumamoto and Oita prefecture. There are no big cities nearby. Kumamoto for example is around 1 and a half hour by car. Public transport connections are also not existing.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

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