SPA Naoiri

Located in the mountains of Oita prefecture, SPA Naoiri was created in 1990. Currently it is owned by Kawasaki Heavy Industries which also owns Autopolis, another circuit in Oita prefecture. SPA Naoiri is mainly a circuit for bikes and the length of the circuit is similar to that of the Autopolis Lakeside course.

The length of the SPA Naoiri is 1430 meter with a straight of 420 meter. While the course looks simple at first glance, it is actually a quite technical circuit. A high speed can be reached on the long straight so hard braking is required for the first corner. The second corner resembles the Suzuka Circuit Spoon curve, and after this the lowest point of the circuit is reached. From there onwards, there is a high climbing gradient through the next corners as the maximum height difference on the circuit is more than 20 meter. This highest point is a sharp hairpin corner to the left after which is a larger radius corner to reach to the straight again.

Although free driving with your own vehicle is mainly for bikes, there are events being held for driving with your own car. See the event calendar on the circuit’s website for more information. The price depends also on the event. It is also possible to rent the full circuit but as you can imagine it is not cheap.

SPA Naoiri is located west from Oita city, approximately 45 minutes by car. Good public transport connections are not existing. Another circuit closeby is Ippon Kunugi Speedway.

A link to the website of SPA Naoiri can be found below:

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