HSR Kyushu

Honda Motor Company is closely related to motorsports and in Japan is known to have close relation to some circuits. North of Tokyo, in Tochigi prefecture there is the Honda Motors Collection Hall at Motegi Twin Circuit. In Mie prefecture there is the Suzuka Circuit close to the Suzuka plant and in Kyushu there is the Kumamoto motorcycle plant which has a circuit complex next to it. This complex was opened in 1989 and is called HSR (Honda Safety & Riding Plaza) Kyushu. It consists of 3 circuits, 2 on-road and 1 off-road circuit.

The first on-road circuit is called the Circuit Course and is most popular with motorbikes. It is quite a large course with a length of 2350 meter. High speeds can be reached on the long straight of 420 meter as the curve before it does not have such a high radius. As the circuit is also used as testing facility by Honda, the majority of weekdays it is not possible to use the circuit course. But there are events for cars as well as free driving slots scheduled. For free driving it is necessary to join a license course which costs 3300 Yen. After that, a session of 25 minutes costs 4400 Yen. The third session and onwards on the same day costs 1650 Yen.

The second on-road course is called the Dream Course. Free driving is mainly for mini-bikes and motards as the length of the course is only 643 meter with tight curves. Approximately once per month there is an event to join driving with your own car on the Dream Course. It more focused on beginners with an event in gymkhana style. It costs 8800 Yen including lunch.

The location of HSR Kyushu is northeast of Kumamoto city, approximately 40 minutes by car. The closest train station is Higo-Ozu station which is around 30 minutes walking from the circuit complex.

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