Ippon Kunugi Speedway

Opened as a Oita Cartland in 1991, this compact circuit is nowadays not only popular with carts, but also bikes and regular cars. From 2009 onwards, the circuit goes under the name of Ippon Kunugi Speedway. With a total length of 570 meters and straight of only 137 meters, it is very low speed course with average lap times between 35 to 45 seconds.

For free driving there is no necessity for a circuit or racing license, you can just go and drive. Half a day costs 3000 Yen per car and running times are between 8:00-12:00 in the morning session and 13:00-17:00 in the afternoon. Hiring the circuit is also possible for 50000 Yen for half a day. A special event series is dedicated to a time attack event for cars on this circuit. There is special website including rankings.

Kunugi Runner website

Ippon Kunugi Speedway is besides Autopolis and SPA Naoiri one of the three big circuits in Oita prefecture. SPA Naoiri is literally a 10 minute drive away. The biggest city close to Ippon Kunugi Speedway is Oita city, which is around 40 minutes by car. There is a bus stop not too far away away from the circuit. A 1 hour bus trip from Oita station and a 20 minute walk are enough to reach the circuit as well.

A link to the website of Ippon Kunugi Speedway can be found below:


And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Ippon Kunugi Speedway Google Maps link