Bihoku Highland Circuit

High in the mountains north of Okayama city is a circuit called Bihoku Highland Circuit. In comparison with the other two circuits in Okayama prefecture, Nakayama Circuit and Okayama International Circuit, Bihoku Highland is a more compact, low speed circuit. As such it is more popular for drifting, though grip driving is also very popular at this circuit.

The circuit is normally divided into two courses, Course A and Course B. Course A is the right half of the circuit and has a length of 750 meters. The left half, Course B, is a bit longer with a length of 1100 meters and more corners. For special events, the two courses can be combined into one longer circuit. It is a similar concept as Motorland Mikawa.

An entrance fee of 500 Yen is required to enter facility, unless you plan to go and drive on the circuit on weekdays. For the Free driving with your own car, see the following prices.

Applying for a membership, will result in benefits such as discount on free driving and no admission fee. Also, on the day of enrollment, the course fee for either of the two courses is only 3000 Yen. With the price of the membership being only 5000 Yen, this is thus a recommendation, especially if you plan to come more than once.

From Okayama city it is approximately 1 hour by car via the highway. Getting there by public transport is a bit difficult, unless you are at Niimi station, then you can go by bus which takes around 1 hour.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

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