Toyota Crown Crossover RS Landscape

The more recent Toyota Crown generations up to the 15th generation have been real JDM cars, but from the 16th generation the Crown was reintroduced globally. The model range was also expanded to several body types, with the first one being the Crown Crossover. In the spring of 2024, Toyota introduced some small updates for the Japanese market and additionally introduced a special grade for Japan only. The Crown Crossover RS Landscape.

The Landscape grade is more adventurous grade with functionality for off-road driving. It can only be had with a single engine and drivetrain option, a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine with 272 horsepower and 460 Nm of torque that is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and full time All Wheel Drive. The exterior color is also available in just a single color, which is called Black x Urban Khaki.

On the exterior, the other unique specifications to this grade can be found, such as new design wheels with 18″, more wide, all-terrain tires. Together with black overfenders and red mudflaps, it changes the appearance of the Crown Crossover significantly. The moldings and garnishes are also in a black color instead of silver on the standard RS grade. A rear foglamp is standard equipment for the Landscape.

In the interior, not much has changed expect for an instrument panel with a laser engraved marking of the Landscape logo. And for the rear seats, the 40/20/40 folding was changed to a 60/40 folding.

A towing hitch is standard equipment and roof rack can be had as an option. On the other hand, standard equipment of the regular RS grade was excluded for the Landscape, such as a hands-free power trunk and several driver assist and parking assist systems.

At the same time of releasing the Landscape grade, another special grade based on the RS grade was released. This was called the Crown Crossover RS “The Limited Matte Metal”. It came in a single and unique color called Matte Metal. As the name suggests, it is a gray/metal color with matte finish, and has a special surface treatment for ease of maintenance. The wheels are the same design as the standard RS grade but with a matte black finish. In the interior there are dedicated sports seats for this grade, unique steering wheel and shift knob, and the instrument panel has “The Limited Matte Metal” logo.

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