In January 2022 Honda released the new 6th generation Step WGN. The exterior design has become a lot more simpler than the previous generation. The square lines make this new model look very similar to the first and second generation of the Step WGN. With this minivan, Honda targets young families with the car having convenient features and a lot of interior flexibility.

The seat layout is 2-2-3, with two seats in the middle and a 3 person bench on the 3rd row which can be stowed away under the floor. Interior space flexibility comes from the two middle seats that can be slided forward and backward over an large area as well as possible to slide them towards the center or more towards the outside of the vehicle.

Large window surface area bring a lot of light into the vehicle and furthermore, the calm design of the interior with simple horizontal and vertical lines is said to cause less motion sickness for the occupants. For the seat material, an oil and water repellant material has been used so that it is easy to clean. The two middle seats can also be fit with “captain seats”, allowing to recline and giving leg support.

The new Step WGN comes in two key different variations. One is the Step WGN Air and the other one Spade. The Air is the more simple version and the Spada the more refined, stylish version. The Spada has some aero parts, chrome elements and a different front grille. Both versions also have their exclusive colors. The Air has some lighter, green blueish colors while the Spade has some darker blue purplish colors.

At its initial announcement, it was announced that the new Step WGN will be available with an e: HEV powertrain, which was also available in the predecessor. This hybrid powertrain combines a gasoline engine with electric motor. It is a self-charging hybrid car which can run on electric power only as well.

The new model will be loaded with new safety features. Also convenience features such as an electric power tailgate and touch sensitive electric sliding doors are available. Honda has shown two types of accessories/dealer option packs, one called Sports Mix with a active style and the other called Emotional Solid which focusses on a metallic style. So from customization point of view there will be a lot of options.

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