Mitsubishi Delica Mini

The Delica has been one of the key models in Mitsubishi’s car line-up in Japan since the 70’s. While in the past there were different variants of the Delica, in recent years it has just been a single model, the D:5. In 2023 Mitsubishi will add a new model under the Delica series called the Delica Mini. It is not a complete new model, as it is based on the eK Cross Space which in turn is based on the regular eK Cross and Nissan Days.

For the Delica Mini, the approach is quite similar to that of the eK Active that Mitsubishi released in the early 00’s. Making a more adventurous version of an existing model by exterior, interior and limited technical modifications. The original philosophy of Delica was to bring people and goods to their destination safely. A focus was put on a spacious interior and outdoor as the years progressed. While the Delica Mini is a kei-car, it is one of the spaciest on the market in Japan.

Compared to the eK Cross Space, there have a been a significant amount of exterior changes. Front bumper, grille, headlight, fenders, rear lights, trunk and rear bumper. The doors have a decal to match the front and rear undertray styling elements on the bumpers. The interior is the same as eK Cross Space, except for different colors and seat patterns.

Several interesting points to highlight for this adventurous car are firstly the materials used in the luggage space and on the seat backs, which can be easily wiped clean in case of mud and dirt. Secondly is the functionality of the interior, where the rear seat have a 320 mm front to rear sliding range. Rear sliding doors also create a big opening towards the rear seats. Furthermore there is a grip control software in the traction control to support driving in slippery conditions. The car also comes with hill descent control as standard.

From powertrain perspective, there is a normally aspirated engine and a turbocharged engine. Each can be had as 2WD or 4WD. The 4WD has a specially tuned shock absorbers to reduce vibration in the interior during rough road driving. Two equipment levels are available: a standard one and “Premium”, the higher grade. A total of 12 colors can be had.

Prices are between 1.7 to 2.3 Million Yen range, however there will a lot of accessories available which can increase the price further.

Photo’s by Reponse: Naoki Yukioka and Mitsubishi official website.

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