Nissan Sakura

In 2022 the Nissan Sakura was launched as a model in Japan to make the electric vehicle a more sight on Japanese roads. Nissan already was selling the Leaf and Ariya but the new Sakura has the target to attract more young people as it is an entry model electric vehicle. It is positioned above the Nissan Dayz and Rooks which are on the same platform.

For the powertrain a 47 kW motor is used which makes the Sakura fall within the kei car regulations which give a limit of 64 horsepower. Though, compared to other kei cars the Sakura has a much higher torque, a peak of 196 Nm. On the other hand it is more heavy also than other kei cars due to the fact it needs to carry a battery pack. The Li-Ion battery pack has a capacity of 20 kWh and can give the Sakura up to 180 km of range. Charging from the battery warning light to 80% full is possible to be done within the hour.

The Sakura will give the driver the opportunity to do one-pedal driving. Another convenience feature is the automated parking functionality called ProPILOT Park. With three different grades, 14 body colors (including 4 two-tone colors) and 3 interior colors, the Sakura can be had in a lot of different variants, satisfying many different customers.

At the time of the launch the price of the base grade is around 2.3 million yen, though with local subsidies this price may be reduced with 0.5 million yen. As such the Sakura is a strong offer and likely to be sold well. The same accounts for the Mitsubishi eK Cross EV, which is the technical twin of the Sakura.

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