Your favorite JDM car hanko (stamp)

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Japan is one of the few countries where a inkan (personal seal) is being used as official authorization method for contracts. An inkan, basically stamp on the document, is made with a hanko. The hanko is a carved stamp made out of wood or stone which normally contains the name of the person, or at least parts of the name of the person. Yet, there are a lot of general hanko stamps as well in Japan. Did you know there are also a lot of stamps with JDM cars available?

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Mazda’s cutest pick-up trucks

Japan was rebuilding the country after the second world war. Motorized vehicles were of great support for this and thus the development and sales of vehicles started to increase year by year. Pick-up trucks play a key part in growing economies, so on this page there will be introduced three pick up trucks that Mazda build in the past. While it used to be functional vehicles, nowadays they actually look quite cute.

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Mazda Persona

Based on the Capella, or 626 in other countries around the world, Mazda developed a special variant called the Persona. It was positioned as a classy 4-door coupe with luxurious interior. Frameless doors with no B-pillar between the front and rear doors were one of the key features. The front and rear window surface was also large to give a spacious feel when sitting inside. A different uncommon feature are the squared off rear wheel arches.

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00’s JDM cars to buy now (2021)

In recent years we have seen the popularity and prices of 90’s JDM cars skyrocket. One of the reasons is that people finally have money to spend for the cars they have always looked up to. The same will happen with the 00’s cars. Some of them already started to go up in price significantly (e.g. Honda S2000 and Civic Type R FD2). So if you would like to buy some iconic 00’s JDM car before they are too expensive, what are good options now? On this page there will be shown several cars you should buy now before you cannot afford them anymore.

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