Bandai-Azuma Skyline

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A very noticable mountain visible from Fukushima city is Azuma-Kofuji, a collapsed volcano. Along this mountain is a Skyline road of which the end points are near Fukushima city and Aizuwakamatsu city. The Bandai-Azuma Skyline, that is what the road is called, is must-drive route as it serves you with magnificent scenery, great nature spots and some amazing viewpoints.

Starting from Fukushima, the first part of the route is not so good road quality which is not so comfortable for the harder sprung vehicles. But after the tiny village called Takayu Onsen, this poor quality is no more and that is also where the curves become tighter which will be an enjoyment for the steering enthusiast. The road will slowly climb up the mountain with some stopping areas along the way. 10 kilometers later, the forest environment has completed changed into a volcanic landscape. Continuing further, you will reach at Jododaira Visitor Center. This is a good place for a walk through the marshlands or hike on Mount Azuma-kofuji.

From the Jododaira Visitor Center the Skyline continues for another 20 kilometers to Tsuchiyu By-pass that goes towards Aizuwakamatsu city. A large part of this is downhill. Along the way you will be treated on several valley views, which during autumn are especially good. This timing means that the road will also be very crowded on weekends and holidays.

After reaching to the Tsuchiyu By-pass (route 115), it is worth turning around and drive the Bandai-Azuma Skyline one more time. Driving it the other way around will certainly be a different experience. Or continue to the Bandai-Azuma Lake Line which starts just a few kilometers further along the route 115. After that, be sure to not miss the Sky-Valley Line, a very good driving road as well. During the winter period, there might be a seasonal closure for some the roads might be closed.

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