Suzuki Alto 9th generation

For 2022 Suzuki has announced sales start for the ninth generation Suzuki Alto. While the eighth generation was more square looking, the ninth has more rounded shapes with an overall cute appearance. The focus of this new model is of ease of use, economic efficiency and safety.

Compared to the previous generation, the interior space has increased with 45 mm more head room and 25 mm more room in width. The front door opening has increased by 20 mm to improve easy of entry and exit the vehicle. While the interior design is very similar to the predecessor, small storage spaces have increased and the meter cluster has become more modern.

Currently the new Alto only comes with the R06D engine that is also found in the Hustler and Wagon R in 2021. It is available as regular version and hybrid version. Though the regular version has larger alternator that can assist shortly for take-off. The hybrid version has a mild hybrid system which gives a fuel consumption saving of around 10% versus the non hybrid. All ninth generation Alto only comes with a CVT transmission and are available in both front wheel drive and all wheel drive. All wheel drive costs around 130 000 Yen more.

The starting price of this new model is just under 930 000 Yen for the A grade followed by the L grade costing just under 1 Million Yen. These two grades always come as non-hybrid. The Hybrid grades are S and X, which is the top specification trim. Below are the prices at the start of 2022:

  • A: 934,800 yen (FF) / 1,075,800 yen (4WD)
  • L: 998,800 yen (FF) / 1,129,700 yen (4WD)
  • Hybrid S: 1,097,800 yen (FF) / 1,228,700 yen (4WD)
  • Hybrid X: 1,259,500 yen (FF) / 1,379,400 yen (4WD

Key new features include a reduces turning circle of only 4.4 meter, two USB ports, standard 6 airbags and standard safety systems with lane departure alert, high beam assist, reverse brake assist and preceding vehicle take-off notification. For the higher grade model there is also a head-up display and traffic sign recognition function, LED headlight and aluminium wheels as part of the equipment.

In total 12 color combinations are possible as for some grades it is possible to select two-tone. Target sales volume in Japan is 6000 units per month.

Additional pictures here:

A grade
L grade
Hybrid S grade
Hybrid X grade

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