Three 4WD unloved JDM cars

We all know Japanese four wheel drive icons like the Jimny, Skyline and Land Cruiser. But there are a lot more interesting 4WD JDM cars which are lesser known to the broader public. On this page there will be introduced three examples of unloved models.

1. Nissan Pulsar Serie S-RV Aero Sport

Based on the Pulsar 5-door hatchback model sold in Europe, Nissan created the Pulsar Serie S-RV which was a more adventurous model. The bumpers and lower half of the vehicle came were painted gray and gave the model a two-tone color scheme. Roof rails and the option to have a spare wheel on the back completed the offroad look.

The top version was the Aero Sport which had a front, side and rear spoiler as well as a big rear spoiler. In the front bumper there were fitted big fog lights and a bumper bar. Fender flares made this model more wide than the regular model. With the 150 horsepower SR20DE engine and permanent four wheel drive, it was a capable car.

As it is a unique car sold in low numbers there is at the time of writing only one for sale. It seems to be full normal condition without any aftermarket modifications. The optional spare wheel is not there but still the black color with gray bumpers and arches gives the car a sturdy look. With only 56000 km the price of under 1 Million Yen is not expensive for such a special car.

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2. Isuzu Gemini Hatchback Irmscher R

One of Isuzu’s most popular passenger cars has been the Gemini. This long running model (from 1974 until the 2000’s) was also sold overseas. In a numerous amount of bodystyles and grades, the Gemini tried to suit a large customer group. Though Gemini never sold in big numbers like the models of Toyota, Nissan and Honda did.

The sportiest in the Gemini line-up were the Irmscher and ZZ Handling by Lotus models. A turbocharged 1.6 liter engine with 180 horsepower and permanent four wheel drive could be hand in the Irmscher R grade for the third generation Gemini hatchback, coupe and sedan. The functional designed cockpit was common between the three body styles.

A hatchback version of the Irmscher R has been found for sale. A popping red one which looks completely stock. It has some experience with 137 000 km’s on the clock, but it looks like a well maintained example. While all other 90’s turbocharged cars a skyrocketing in price, this rarity is a real good offer as it can switch owner for around 1.2 million Yen.

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3. Mazda Familia S-Wagon

The first small passenger car of Mazda went under the name of Familia. Over the years there have been many generations and variations. The latest generation before the switch to the Mazda Axela, was the 8th generation. An interesting body option was the S-Wagon, a short station wagon similar in size to a regular 5-door hatchback.

Offered as front wheel drive and four wheel drive, the latter is by far most rarest of the two drivetrain options. Of the four wheel drive grades, the Field Break is the most special. The exterior bumpers, arches and sides the car had a gray paint to show the adventurous character of the car. Mechanically, a 170 horsepower 2 liter engine ensured good performance both on and off road.

At the time of writing this, there are no examples for sale but there are regular four wheel drive S-Wagons for sale with the same powerful engine. An example is this silver one with less than 40 000 kilometer on the clock. With an almost new vehicle inspection, it is only 550 000 Yen, roughly 5000 dollar.

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