Mazda MX-30 SeDV

The Mazda MX-30 was launched in Japan in October 2020 as a stylish crossover focusing on driving pleasure. Unfortunately not all the customers that wanted to buy one, have the ability to operate a conventional vehicle due to underbody disability. For that group of people Mazda now released the MX-30 SeDV, with SeDV standing for Self-empowerment Driving Vehicle.

The SeDV is an option pack which remove the foot controls such as accelerator pedal and brake. Instead there are hand operated controls. For the accelerator there is a ring on the inner side of the steering wheel. Pushing this ring is comparable to the conventional accelerator pedal. The brake is operated by a stick to the left from the steering wheel. Pushing it will apply the brakes. Similar to a regular car, the harder you push, the more brake force you will get.

An additional support for the elbow (called the Brake Support Board) is also placed to make the application of force on the brake stick more precise and less strained to the body. And some buttons such as the hazard switch are placed on the brake stick. It means that during an emergency stop for example, the brake and hazard switches can be applied at the same time.

Another support measure is the Transfer Board, an additional cushion on the door side of the driver seat. It eases getting in and out of the vehicle, especially for people with a wheel chair. This Transfer Board can be easily folded away and does not interfere with the side airbag.

Even with these controls, it is still possible to drive the car with regular pedals. When starting the vehicle by pressing the foot brake, the car will go into conventional driving mode with accelerator and brake pedal.

The SeDV is a option in Japan for new vehicles only and will cost 528 000 Japanese Yen excluding consumption tax in 2022. This price includes the above mentioned features and installation cost. In Japan this option is seen as welfare and therefore tax deductions are possible for people with physical disability, making the vehicle price in the end around the same cost as if it would have been a regular vehicle. Mazda has made similar SeDV options for other models in its line-up as well.

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